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Sunny’s Mona Lisa Eclipsing is a Surprise Hit

Mona Lisa Eclipsing Sunny 9780425238943 Penguin April 2011 $15.00 (TP) 31/2 stars *Graphic sexuality with strong overtones of Erotica* *Plot Spoilers contained within this review* I gave up on Sunny’s Mona Lisa series after the last book and bought the latest, Mona Lisa Eclipsing, out of sheer desperation for something to read.I’m so glad I … Continue reading

Simon R. Green’s Newest is a Four Star Delight

For Heaven’s Eyes Only: a Secret Histories Novel Simon R. Green Roc June 2011 (25.95, HC) 4 stars Simon R. Green’s books are an exception to my five star reread rules. His novels are wonderful and every now and then I do reread the Nightside and Secret Histories novels, both set in the same kind … Continue reading