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Musings on Terry Pratchett and the Wonder of Discworld.

While writing a brief review of Pratchett’s novel, Snuff, I kept wondering why I like his series so much and why I’ve never found another that comes close to my enjoyment of the Discworld. I think it has something to do with both his sense of humor and their readability despite multiple re-reads.In fact, his … Continue reading

Snuff by Terry Pratchet is Smashing!

Snuff by Terry Pratchett (4 1/2 stars) HarperCollins Publishers October, 2011 (HC. 9780062011848). I finished Snuff by Terry Pratchett yesterday and I loved it. It didn’t get the full five stars of so many of his novels, in my opinion, but was still excellent with 4 and 1/2. It’s sad really as his books sometimes score … Continue reading

A Commentary on E-books and (Bad) Editing

I love e-books as they solve a lot of the problems engendered by book addiction. They allow instant gratification purchases at any hour of the day or night and make storing books a breeze rather than a foundation nightmare. Having, just last year, gotten rid of 42 large boxes of books to various used book … Continue reading

Incubus by Goodman Rates 4 and 1/2 Stars

Incubus by Carol Goodman Ebury House (Random House): London, 2011 4 stars (9780091940188) **Contains Erotic Overtones and Fairly Graphic Sexual Situations** Incubus by Carol Goodman is my surprise summer delight. The cover caught my attention several times while shopping bookstores in England; however, the cover blurbs left me feeling iffy as they seemed to describe … Continue reading

Black Swan Rising, a solid 3 1/2 Stars

Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll Bantam Press: London and New York, 2010 4 stars (9780553825572) Black Swan Rising is a book I missed last year and stumbled on in England during one of my automatic book-store stops. I devoured it in a day and bought the sequel, The Watch Tower, the day it came … Continue reading

Desdaemona, My Favorite Book of July 2011

Desdaemona by Ben Macallan Soalris. Oxford:England, 2011. (9781907519628). 5 Stars Ben Macallan wrote an exceptional series opener, I hope, with his book Desdaemona. For both profit and empathy as he is a street-kid pursued by the supernatural himself, the protagonist, Jordan, finds and sends home when possible, the lost kids who are, almost exclusively, on the run … Continue reading

Books Reviewed from my England Trip

I went to England recently, and being me, I came home with a ton of books. Some of them are obviously available here too, the author’s being American is the big clue there, while others are not available here or at least not released yet. I am going to group these together under the tag … Continue reading

Good Reviews are coming . . .

After an unexpected three week trip to England, I have several reviews in the works.Desdaemona by Ben Macallan (0781907519628 2011 Soalris House, Oxford), Incubus by Carole Goodman  and Bitter Seed of Magic, a book that I got early as it does not come out in the States untl 2012:)

Wen Spencer, The First Author in my List of Favorite Writers who Vanished from the publishing Scene

Wen Spencer (41/2 Stars)Tinker Series: Tinker, Wolf Who Rules (41/2 Stars)Ukiah Oregon Series: Alien Taste, Bitter Waters, Tainted Trail, Dog Warrior (5 Stars and 4 Stars) Stand Alone Novels: A Brother’s Price, Endless Blue It should be obvious by now that I am a fiction addict. I haunt publisher web-sites and bookstores while devouring fiction … Continue reading

Sunny’s Mona Lisa Eclipsing is a Surprise Hit

Mona Lisa Eclipsing Sunny 9780425238943 Penguin April 2011 $15.00 (TP) 31/2 stars *Graphic sexuality with strong overtones of Erotica* *Plot Spoilers contained within this review* I gave up on Sunny’s Mona Lisa series after the last book and bought the latest, Mona Lisa Eclipsing, out of sheer desperation for something to read.I’m so glad I … Continue reading