About this Site and Detailed Explanation of My Rating System

I love to read and really get tired of trying to find the newest releases and book reviews I can trust. After years of utilizing others’ review sites, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and review my own.

Rather than review books I’ ve already read, I will provide full reviews of books as I read them and have a separate page that recommends authors I’ve read for years. The rating scale will be from one to five with one being unreadable and five being an exceptional keeper and reread. Truthfully, I believe in positive book reviews so with very few exceptions, I do not plan to review books I read that are less than three stars. I hope to focus on the truly good to excellent books as I find negative reviews to be extra subjective and often unhelpful and somewhat strident in tone.

With that in mind, I will say this for honesty’s sake: All book reviews are subjective. In my life I have picked up series that should appeal to me on every level but don’t. Years later I have picked the series back-up and LOVED it. I find that, especially with genre reviews, mood and the sheer number of books read recently with the same theme can make a huge difference in how well the series goes over.

My book taste is eclectic. I mostly read fiction but do enjoy a good non-fiction book for contrast. I read a lot of urban-fantasy, paranormal romance, teen-fiction, and science-fiction and fantasy. If you’re looking for the latest thriller or chic-lit review, my site is unlikely to fit your needs.

I hope you enjoy my reviews.

Detailed Break-Down of Rating System:

1 Star: Unreadable with bad writing, huge plot holes, poor world-building, and unengaging characters. The books that make a reader ask, “How did this get published?”

2 Stars: Barely readable with poor writing, world-building, medium plot holes, and imperfectly engaging characters. The bones of goodness may be there but the execution failed miserably.

3 Stars: Middle of the road good fiction. Usually a book a reader would share but not keep. They have solid writing, engaging characters, good plots, and believable world-building. This kind of book is a good read and makes up a large portion of the market but are not necessarily uber-memorable and may contain a few small flaws or detail problems.Usually, a reader does want to read the sequel but may have trouble remembering the title. I often refer to these as “potato-chip books–” as in you keep eating them up, and enjoy it at the time, but don’t feel fully satisfied when you reach the end.

4 Stars: Great read with an addictive plot, characters, and setting. top-notch writing and dialogue. It may not make the reread list, but the author creates a novel that makes you want the next one desperately.

5 Stars: Practically perfect in every way– unimpeachable plot, characters, dialogue and world building. It contains that extra “something,” nuances and style that lure a reader back for multiple rereads and usually causes obsessive fandom.



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