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Musings on Terry Pratchett and the Wonder of Discworld.

While writing a brief review of Pratchett’s novel, Snuff, I kept wondering why I like his series so much and why I’ve never found another that comes close to my enjoyment of the Discworld. I think it has something to do with both his sense of humor and their readability despite multiple re-reads.In fact, his … Continue reading

Snuff by Terry Pratchet is Smashing!

Snuff by Terry Pratchett (4 1/2 stars) HarperCollins Publishers October, 2011 (HC. 9780062011848). I finished Snuff by Terry Pratchett yesterday and I loved it. It didn’t get the full five stars of so many of his novels, in my opinion,┬ábut was still excellent with 4 and 1/2. It’s sad really as his books sometimes score … Continue reading